We Help To Build A Strong Vietnamese Crypto Community​

When it comes time to build a community on Telegram, our crypto marketing team are the experts. We will make sure to promote your project with the right community, roles, bots…

Why does your project need a Vietnamese community?

1. Massive crypto owners

It is estimated that over 5.9 million people, 6.1% of Vietnam’s total population, currently own cryptocurrency.

2. Lead in crypto adoption

20% of Vietnamese said they had purchased Bitcoin, the highest among 27 countries polled with 42,000 respondents.

3. Potential crypto hub

Vietnam ranked 2nd for the value of retail and on-chain transactions, ahead of countries such as USA, China, Russia

How can we help you?

We help to build a Vietnamese community that interests in your project. From there, we also bring the latest information about your project to Vietnamese investors

  • Create and set up the community
  • Manage, interact with members
  • Propose development plans (if any)

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